Io is a MIDI retrofit system for the Roland Jupiter 4 synthesizer. It consists of two boards that can be used either parallel or individually. One of the boards is the Keyboard Assigner Extension and it enables MIDI control over pitch note, pitch bend, cutoff frequency, volume and portamento. It also synchronizes the arpeggio to MIDI clock and has two powerful LFOs on pitch bend and cutoff frequency. LFO settings can be sored and recalled. The other board is a complete replacement of the Jupiter's original patch programmer microprocessor with full MIDI specification and lots of functional enhancements.


Io highlights:

  • Easy to install, modular internal retrofit
  • Separate boards for patch programmer and keyboard assigner extension
  • Full MIDI on keyboard, all programmable sliders and switches back and forth
  • MIDI control for pitch bend, VCF, VCA, Portamento and arpeggio rate
  • Two extra LFOs on pitch bend and VCF
  • Memory upgrade to 64 patches
  • Price is 129 EUR for the keyboard assigner board and 99 EUR for the patch programmer board


To Download:

Io User Manual
Io Mod Guide

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