About Us

Kovariant Instruments is a young company founded by László Kővári from Hungary. However it is a long story of passion and enthusiasm about synthesizers started in the early eighties. It was the golden age of analog synthesizers with a truly remarkable sound and quality. When László first listened to the Concert in China from Jean-Michel Jarre he fallen in love with that sound. More than a decade later he made his first MIDI interface for an analog synthesizer. The philosophy behind the products of Kovariant Instruments is combining the best of both digital and analog world. Who could justify this philosophy better than Jean-Michel Jarre himself who explained some aspects in an interview:

"When I recently re-recorded Oxygen I realized those analog synthesizers I worked with were actually the future at their time - even today they are. There is a simple reason why. These synthesizers were hand-made, carefully built part by part, they were not mass products but the Stradivarius of electronic instruments. After the Japanese changed to mass production and digital, the quality was gone. So the analog synthesizers hadn't had time to grow up and do their best. (...) And now I am not nostalgic and not a retro-futurist at all. What I actually say is that the future is the crossing of analog and digital." (Jean-Michel Jarre, 2008)

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